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Kid Made Paper Flowers

Kid Made Paper Flowers

This easy paper flower project is perfect for a rainy day craft for the kids. It is also a sweet and cheap way to share a smile with special friends, neighbors or teachers!


In May, my son brought me home a bouquet of paper flowers. He proudly said, "I made these for you for mother's day! And I am gonna show you how to make them!" I was more than happy to have my son teaching me a new trick so I turned him loose in my craft room to gather supplies.

This was a really fun way to create something pretty together. We made a ton of these and shared them with friends!


Supplies Needed:

  1. Duct Tape
  2. Straws
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Colorful Paper


  1. Cut 6 strips of colorful paper.
  2. With each strip of paper, fold and glue it so that the ends connect. These are your petals.
  3. Tear a small square of duct tape and arrange the strips of paper that became petals around the duct tape.
  4. After all 6 petals are attached to the duct tape, add a straw for the stem.
  5. Tear off another square of duct tape and place over the petals and stem to secure the flower.






You can make a dozen of these in under ten minutes. They are sweet for displaying on your desk or to share with friends to make them smile.

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