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How to Organize Craft Supplies

How to Organize Craft Supplies

We are a crafty family! My 4 year old loves to draw and glue things together, my 8 year old loves to draw and write books of his own invention. My husband is happiest when he is doodling. I love to get involved with DIY projects, craft things with and for the kids, and I love to pend time in the kitchen.

 Ball Mason Jars are any crafters secret weapon to organizing supplies.

With so many projects and supplies in my office, keeping everything organized is one of the things that can get complicated. How in the world does one keep confetti, buttons, glitter and pom poms organized? Trust me when I say that these kinds of things can get out of hand in the blink of an eye.

Today I am going to share my go to item to keep my craft supplies organized, contained and easily accessible. Thanks to Ball for sending product to inspire this story. One of the most asked questions I receive from readers is How do you stay organized? It is as simple as Ball Mason Jars.


When I started crafting, I tried using small inexpensive containers to keep things orderly, but open containers are never a good idea with craft supplies. I found this out the hard way after a large bin of craft eyes hit the deck and left me crying. Then I tried using old pill bottles and plastic food storage containers. These proved to be hard to store and it was hard to locate the items I was in search of.

I had a few old Ball jars in my pantry that my grandmother used year after year for canning beans, berries and corn from her garden. I started using these first, and quickly realized that canning hasn't worked out for me yet but Ball Mason Jars are literally perfect for storing my supplies in.

Not only are they easy to store and stack, but the clear jar makes finding my supplies so easy! I love that there are a ton of sizes to work with in the Ball family to make storing all of my craft supplies a stress free experience. 


Do you use mason jars around the house? I would love to hear some of your favorite ways to use them that aren't for preserving. 


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