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DIY No Electric Night Light

DIY No Electric Night Light

These glow in the dark jars are a fun diy to make with the kids. They are perfect for a night light that comes together in one minute or less, with only 2 supplies! These simple glow in the dark jars will last all summer long! I love that these require no electricity to create a brilliant glow!

 These mesmerizing glow in the dark night light jars are perfect for a summer science experiemnt for the kids with lasting effects!

 My son Rolf is 8 now. He is so curious and eager to learn. One night last week it was storming and he was worried about losing power, and how he could sleep in the dark. So we took to the kitchen to whip up some super simple glowing jars which were perfect for a night light!


glow supplies.jpg

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I used tonic water and glow in the dark powder to create this jar. It couldn't be easier to make!

If you have a black light fixture, you can skip the glow in the dark powder as tonic water naturally glows under a black light. 


Tonic water contains quinine which absorbs ultraviolet light, causing it to glow.



Fill a mason jar with tonic water

Add 1 teaspoon of glow in the dark powder I used  blue.


Replace the lid.

Allow to charge under a light for a moment and watch it glow!

glow jar.jpg
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