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9 Cards to Make for Father's Day

9 Cards to Make for Father's Day

Father's Day will be here soon and I have 9 fun card ideas that your kids can make for their Dad to let him know they think he is a Super Dad!


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There is no better way to tell someone that you think they are amazing than a handmade card! The detail and sentiment in something made uniquely by you simply cannot be found in a printed card!


That's why I rounded up these 9 card ideas to let Dad know how you feel! He will love these fun-tastic expressions of adoration on his special day, and I bet he will savor them long after Father's Day has passed!



Fingerprint Monkey Card

High Five Card

You're the Vest Card

Tie Card

Fingerprint Golf Ball Card

True Grit Card

Shirt and Tie Card

Dad's Tools Card

Popsicle Card


I have a few ideas that you can use to make Father's Day super special.


  1. Let him sleep in! 
  2. Offer to take over one his chores for the day so he can rest.
  3. Give him a new magazine or book to read while he is relaxing.
  4. Offer him a special treat! 
  5. Tell him that you appreciate his devotion to your family.



Which of these cards do you think your kids would like to make first? My kids think the Vest Card is pretty awesome! We plan to make one soon!

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