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Button Bag for Sensory Play

This easy button bag comes together in just a few moments to give your toddlers a fun squishy experience to engage their senses!

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My kids have always loved to engage in sensory play. I love to encourage them to play and experiment with different materials, and I love to offer options that are not too detailed. Sensory bags, bins and bottles are a fun way to decompress for my kids.

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This sensory bag is great for little hands to squish and explore. Harp loved this bag on a really rough day; it was a perfect outlet for her to take a break from her brother and get herself together. It was easy to make, so I will be keeping this in my rotation for sensory play.


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To make this button sensory bag you will need:


Place a generous squirt of hair gel into a zipper seal baggie.

Add a few buttons in assorted colors and sizes.

Sprinkle a little glitter in.

Seal the bag!

Optional: You can reinforce the sides of the baggie with duct tape if your toddler doesn't have nice hands.



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We love sensory play!

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You can find buttons on amazon by clicking the image below.

Eye Sensory Bag

Eye Sensory Bag

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