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Unicorn Straw Bin

Unicorn Straw Bin

This easy straw bin is great for little hands. It offers them a chance to work on fine motor skills while engaging in super fun unicorn play! 


On our last trip to Ikea we bought several packs of colorful straws. I know straws are terrible for the environment, and we do use glass straws too. But, hey, I am human and I lose my cool in Ikea and I want to buy all of the pretty things.


After we brought home these gorgeous straws, and my kids wanted to drink a water and get a new straw, I saw how wasteful it was! I pulled out one of our wire brushes and cleaned up a handful of straws before they could hit the trash. After drying, I knew exactly how to reuse them.


I made this rainbow unicorn straw bin for Harper and she LOVED it! She had a chance to work on her fine motor and threading skills. She also got to engage in some dramatic unicorn play! We managed to tie some of the ribbons she threaded into bracelets for additional play.


Straws ( I used 4 of each color)



Unicorn figurines

Bin for storage



Cut the straws into varying lenghts

Layer them by color into a plastic bin

Cut several sections of ribbon and tie a knot in one end of each ribbon.

Arrange several unicorn figurines in the bin and invite your child to sort, thread and play.


This unicorn rainbow straw bin was a lot of fun for Harper! We have also added pipe cleaners into the box to offer some threading variety. I love that we found a way to give used straws a new life.

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