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Chocolate Cake Waffles

Chocolate Cake Waffles

Why heat up the oven on a hot day when you can have your cake, straight from the waffle maker and eat it too?! This recipe is so easy and gives a fun twist to baking a cake! 


A few weeks ago my son said he would like for me to make a special treat for his birthday, Harp and I set out to create just that! We pulled out our waffle iron and made something nothing short of ah-mazing! Chocolate Cake Waffles! This is the recipe that inspired our awesome peanut butter waffle cake!

This recipe starts with a chocolate cake mix. Use any brand or flavor you like. Aim for a good quality cake mix. There are so many ways you can make a box cake mix better; this recipe makes use of several of the ways and gives you an idea of alternatives to baking in an oven!

Any time you make a cake mix, use these tips for to take your cake to the next level!

  • Always use real butter! The box will call for oil, use the measurement on the box, but use real sweet cream butter instead!
  • Always use milk instead of water! Your cake will be so much softer!
  • Jumbo and Extra Large Eggs are a baker's friend! Not only are the economical, they offer so much egg for less than a penny an egg price difference usually, plus sometimes you get a double yolk! 
  • With larger eggs in mind, either uses a larger egg for the cake or add an extra egg to what the package of the cake mix calls for.
  • Don't be afraid of mix-ins! Chocolate chunks, small bits of fruit or nuts are only the beginning of how you can take your cake to the next level of flavor!

To make cake waffles you will need:

A cake mix, in any flavor you like

A stick of butter

3 jumbo eggs or 4 large eggs

Milk in the amount called for on the package


Mix the ingredients until smooth

Heat your waffle iron and spoon the batter in,  be careful not to overfill!

Cook for about 3 minutes, or until the indicator light informs you that the waffle is ready!

You can top these with frosting, fudge sauce, ice cream, or sweetened whipped cream!





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