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DIY Toy Organizer

DIY Toy Organizer

This toy organizer comes together in under 30 minutes and requires nothing more than PVC Pipe, a few connectors, and a few baskets!


I had been looking organization options and found a bin organizer I loved. But, the price was something I didn't love. It was $112 for a few wooden rods that I would need to assemble upon delivery.

I stopped at my local hardware store and found 1/2" PVC pipe priced at $1.04 for 5-foot sections.  The wheels in my head started turning and I realized I could make an organizer for a couple of dollars and make my dreams of a tidier house a reality.

This project was so easy. I had never worked with PVC pipe before, but I found that it was not at all complicated. I used a small hand saw to cut my pipes. I have to admit, cutting the pipes by myself without the help of my husband was exhilarating!

I had a stack of small bins and baskets from Dollar Tree, so I measured to best fit my baskets.

I used :

6 x 22" sections

4x 8" sections

2x 10" section

2 x 16" sections


4 equal t fittings

I used the 90 DEGREE ELBOW SIDE OUTLETS as the corners for the top and bottom of the organizer and the equal t fitings for the center shelf. I made this for use with light toys, such as barbie clothes and accessories and so on, so I didn't add side support.


I had this built in under 30 minutes time, including the cutting of the pipes. I plan to make another one soon with sturdier sides to hold the weight of larger toys. 

All in all, I had under $6 in the supplies and $7 in the baskets. I saved $99 on this DIY and have a tidier play area for my daughter!




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