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Welcome to Reality Crafted By Sara! You will find delicious recipes, easy kids crafts and a peek into my extraordinary life here. Grab a cup of coffee, or better yet, a glass of wine and let's have some crafty fun with a dose of real mom life antics!

Giraffe Family Craft Project

Giraffe Family Craft Project

This baby and mama Giraffe craft is easy to create and it adds an adorable handmade touch to any room in your home. I think it is especially cute in a child's bedroom!


This came together so easily, you guys! Within moments, I had created something fantastic for Harper's room and it helped me pass time constructively while I watched hours and hours of the Mama Giraffe in labor live feed.

All you need to make this cute art project is:

Cardstock; 2 sheets. 1 yellow or orange, 1 color of your choice

Assorted Ribbons


Craft Eyes



From the yellow or orange cardstock:

Cut 2 circles for the heads; 1 smaller than the other

Cut 2 tear drop shapes for the ears; 1 smaller than the other

Cut 2 long strips for the necks; 1 shorter than the other


Glue the neck, head and ear on for each giraffe. I think making them face each other is a cute idea!

Next, give your giraffes an eye each, and a button for a nose.

Then glue a few buttons on for the spots.

Finish by adding strips of ribbon for the mane.


This is such a cute and easy craft idea. Best of all, it comes together for just a few dollars. We love economical crafts! Craft time should not be expensive or complicated, but a more of a chance to to bond and express creativity. 









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