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Giraffe Art

Giraffe Art

If you have been watching the live feed of the Giraffe, April, in labor like I have, this is the perfect craft project for you! Easy, colorful and pretty, you will be glad to display this art project in your home when it is completed!


This craft requires simple supplies but truly creates something incredibly easy and adorable! This is fun for kids of all ages and let's be honest, I am not a kid, but I had a lot of fun with this too!

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Supplies needed:

2 sheets of cardstock; 1 should be a dark yellow, the other can be any color you like!

1 Large Googly Craft Eye

Assorted colors of ribbon



Buttons in assorted colors


Cut a long thin neck shape out of the yellow paper.

Cut a circular head shape from the yellow paper.

Make a small shape like a teardrop for the ear from the yellow paper.

Next, glue your neck, head, and ear onto your other sheet of cardstock.

Next begin cutting small sections of ribbon, I would make the cuts to be 2 inches long or so.

Glue to ribbons along one side of the neck to form the mane.

Add a few buttons to create spots on the giraffe.

Give the Giraffe a goggly eye and allow it to dry.



This was a lot of fun to make while I was on baby watch, along with a ton of other people around the world! I can't wait til this cute baby Giraffe is born! It is entirely too neat that we are all able to share in such a unique and special experience together from facebook! How many hours have you spent with the Giraffe labor live feed?


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