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Dr. Seuss Paper Puppets

Dr. Seuss Paper Puppets

Any little Dr. Seuss fan will appreciate these adorable and easy Thing 1 and Thing 2 puppets! Made with simple supplies this project comes together in a flash for hours and hours of dramatic play!

We love dramatic play! Puppets, dolls and action figures are always a hit with my giggle goblins! There is absolutely nothing better than a puppet you create yourself to play with!

This project couldn't be simpler really and it is perfect for Dr. Seuss's birthday!


2 craft sticks

Red paint or markers

2 small circles of white paper {Under 2 inches!}

An ink pen


4 googly eyes

Blue construction paper




Paint or color 3/4 of your craft stick red.

Write Thing 1 in one circle of white paper, Thing 2 on the other.

Glue these in the center of the craft sticks.

Glue 2 eyes on each craft stick.

Cut the blue paper to look like hair. Glue this on the top of the craft stick.

There you have easy Thing 1 and Thing 2 Puppets!

Dramatic play is so important for kids. It helps them to gain a basic understanding of social interactions and friendships. It helps them re-enact moments from their life and understand how they can cope with those situations. Most importantly, dramatic play brings a big world down to a child's size, making it easier to maneuver through emotions and life scenarios.

How do you encourage dramatic play in your children? I like to give mine access to dolls, action figures and puppets we create to let them work things out in a world of their own invention.


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