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Thirty One + Uses in the Kids Rooms!

Thirty One + Uses in the Kids Rooms!

Organizing a child's bedroom is not a job of the faint of heart. There are so many toys, accessories to toys, and treasures to keep track of, that it can nearly overtake any moms life if she doesn't develop a system.

As a mom of 2 with 8+ years experience in keeping up with bedrooms and playrooms I am going to share a few of my favorite ways to keep things organized and easy to access in your child's room. I think you are going to appreciate how effective and affordable my secret weapons from Thirty One are.

We live in a charming old house. It is filled with the classic touches of crystal door knobs, odd angles and next to no closets. Storing things in the kids room can be mind boggling. Without a closet in one bedroom, where do you even begin to store anything?

Thanks to Thirty One for sending samples to inspire this post.



Collecting Collections of Larger Items

To keep toys and stuffed animals organized and looking adorable, I love to use Thirty One Deluxe Utility Totes. These are generously sized and perfect for storing anything you could imagine. We love the large utility totes for action figures, game storage and more. I love that the deluxe utility tote has the built in frame to keep it standing when in use. Retailing at $50, these totes are well made and durable, making them a perfect choice for kids rooms.

As you can see, Peppa Pig and all of her accessories are perfect for storing in the Dandelion Dreams Large Utility Tote. When the kids are ready to play they can easily grab it all at once.  This system with large ans deluxe totes has simplified life for the kids and for me too! Clean up goes so much smoother now. The large utility tote retails for $35 and can be personalized in so many ways. I consider this one of my must have items for keeping the kids rooms clean!


A Sweet Spot for Little Things

Shopkins, Tsum Tsums and itty bitty toys are very popular with my kids. The Oh Snap and Little Carry All Caddy are perfect for safely storing all of the tiny treasures my kids love to collect. I love that they can keep their collections separate and easy to access, and when everything has a home, clean up is so much easier!



A Nook For Books

We are a family of bookworms. We encourage the kids to read together and independently. Having books in our bedroom is a must. My oldest likes to stay in bed for a few extra moments for a morning reading session, while my youngest prefers a bedtime story. We found that keeping a catch all bin in each bedroom gives everyone a place for books that looks super stylish and orderly. The mini catch all bin is the ideal size for Harper's chunky books and Rolf can store as many books as he likes at his bedside with the full sized catch all bin.


Stand Tall in Your Organizing Glory

There are times, like when I am elbow deep in my kids rooms that I firmly believe they have too many things to keep up with! But, now that everything has a sturdy home in that area, I am able to remind myself that my family is blessed, and my kids toys are something to be grateful for. If your kids have an excessive amount of stuffed animals, or play food, the stand tall bin is perfect for keeping things together in a gorgeous container. These bins are great for storing blankets, plush animals, or in our case all the fixings for a gourmet play kitchen. You can personalize them and find them in several pretty prints to add a touch of stylish order to your space.


Thirty One offers so many ways to organize your kids toys, books and accessories! We also reviewed a few items from the awesome summer print collection . You can get ideas for how to use Thirty One in your kids rooms in that post too!

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