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Welcome to Reality Crafted by Sara!

This is the place to be if you are seeking yummy recipes, cute and easy kids crafts, family sized adventures or a peek into my extraordinary life.

When I am not busy chasing after my two cute kids, the Giggle Goblins, you can find me writing over at Sweet Silly Sara, my other site, or hosting a fun live feed on Facebook 3 days a week, or you might spy me over on HuffPost. If all else fails, I will be chasing my husband around making inappropriate jokes. You can find us by listening for my ridiculous howls of laughter or following the trail of cookie crumbs that are inevitably left in my wake.




All About Sara...


I am an experienced brand ambassador and social media enthusiast, who has been blogging away since Live Journal was the place to be. I am a crafty mom of 2 and a wife to 1 with serious affections for truffles, skirts and animals. 

If you have a product that the world needs to know about, a cool destination for families or want to collaborate on a craft or recipe development project, you can email me at realitycrafted@gmail.com.